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Traineeships currently available in Queensland

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Accounts Clerk
Advanced Stablehand
Aeroskills Engineer (Avionics)
Aeroskills Engineer (Mechanical)
Aged Care Activity Worker
Aged Care Worker
Agricultural Poultry Production Level 3
Agriculture Level 2
Agriculture Level 3
Agriculture Level 4
Aircraft Line Maintenance Worker
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Level II
Allied Health Assistance Level IV
Allied Health Assistant
Allied Health Assistant Level III
Animal Attendant
Animal Attendant (Animal Care)
Animal Attendant (Captive Animals)
Animal Attendant (Customer Service)
Animal Attendant (Pet Grooming)
Apparel and Textile Production
Apparel, Fashion and Textiles (Clothing Technician)
Apparel, Fashion and Textiles (Textiles Technician)
Applied Fashion Design
Applied Fashion Technology (Clothing Technician)
Applied Fashion Technology (Digital Embroidery)
Applied Fashion Technology (Digital Printing)
Aquaculture Operator Level 2
Aquaculture Operator Level 3
Assistant Accountant
Assistant Animal Attendant
Assistant Financial Broker
Assistant in Nursing
Assistant Junior Coach
Automotive Accessory Fitter
Automotive Electrical Serviceperson
Automotive Master Technician
Automotive Mechanical Serviceperson (Air Conditioning)
Automotive Mechanical Serviceperson (Cylinder Head Reconditioning)
Automotive Salesperson
Automotive Serviceperson (Tyre Fitting)
Automotive Serviceperson (Underbody)
Automotive Vehicle Serviceperson


Banking Services Manager
Beauty Services
Beauty Services - Nail Technician
Beauty Services Make-Up Artist
Beauty Therapy
Beef Production Level 2
Beef Production Level 3
Beef Production Level 4
Bicycle Serviceperson
Blast Coater Cleaner / Industrial Spray Painter / Finisher
Boating Services Level 2
Boating Services Level 3
Branch Team Leader
Business Administration (Legal) Level III
Business Level II
Business Level III
Business Level IV
Business Manager


Chemical Industry Technician Level IV
Chemical Plant Operator
Child Care Worker
Civil Construction Supervisor
Civil Construction Worker - Labourer
Cleaning Management
Cleaning Operations Level III
Collections Officer
Community Care Worker
Community Pharmacy Level II
Community Pharmacy Level III
Community Pharmacy Level IV
Community Service Worker
Community Services Worker
Conservation Worker
Conservation Worker Level 3
Conservation Worker Level 4
Conservation Worker Level 5
Cotton Production Level 3
Cotton Production Tradesperson
Coxswain (Grade 1 Near Coastal)
Credit Manager
Credit Officer
Cyber Security Technician


Dairy Farmhand
Dental Assistant
Design Worker
Desktop Publishing Support
Developing Sportsperson
Dietary Assistant
Disability Support Worker
Disability Worker
Drilling Oil/Gas (Onshore) Level III
Drilling Oil/Gas Onshore and Well Servicing Level II
Drilling Operations Level II
Drilling Operations Level III


Education Support Worker
Electrical Distribution - Power Systems Supervisor
Engineering Production
Engineering Production Systems
Engineering Production Systems (Marine Craft Surface Finishing)
Engineering Production Technology
Engineering Technician
Engineering Technician - Advanced Trade
Engineering Technician Level V
Event Operations
Exercise Instructor
Exercise Trainer


Feedlot Operator
Financial Sector Team Leader
Financial Services (Loss Adjusting)
Financial Services Worker Level III
Fire Systems Designer
Flight Operator/Attendant Level III
Food Processing - Level II
Food Processing - Level III
Food Processing Technician
Forest Growing and Management Level 2
Forest Growing and Management Level 3
Forest Products Worker Level II (Sawmilling and Processing)
Forest Products Worker Level IV (Timber Processing)
Furniture Making Level II
Furniture Removal


Ground Services Operator - Leading Hand/Supervisor
Ground Services Operator Level III


Health Administration - Level III
Health Administration Supervisor Level IV
Health Supervisor - Level IV
Horse Breeder
Horticulture (Turf Management) Level 2
Horticulture Landscaping Level 2
Horticulture Level 2
Horticulture Level 3
Horticulture Manager
Horticulture Parks and Gardens Level 2
Hospitaility Operations Level IV
Hospital Pharmacy Assistant Level III
Hospitality Manager
Hospitality Operations Level II
Hospitality Operations Level III
Human Resources Level IV


Indigenous Construction Worker
Indigenous Primary Health Care Worker
Information Technology Level III
Information Technology Level IV
Information, Digital Media and Technology Level II
Insurance Broking Manager
Insurance Officer (General)
International Freight Forwarder (Senior Operator)
International Freight Forwarding Operator
Irrigation Level 3
Irrigation Level 4


Job Placement Consultant


Kitchen Operations


Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Technician - Level VI
Laboratory Technologist
Landscape Construction Manager
Laundry Operations
Legal Services Level IV
Legal Services Level V
Library and Information Services Assistant Level II
Library and Information Services Assistant Level III
Library and Information Services Assistant Level IV
Library Technician
Live Production and Services Worker Level III
Local Government Level 2
Local Government Level 3
Locomotive Driver
Locomotive Drivers' Assistant & Terminal Operator
Logistics Manager
Loss Adjuster


Management Level IV
Management Level V
Manufactured Mineral Products Operator/Pre-Mixed Concrete Operator (Level 3)
Manufacturing Systems and Practices Level III
Manufacturing Systems and Practices Level IV
Manufacturing Systems and Practices Level V
Marina Operator
Marine Engine Driver (Grade 2 Near Coastal)
Marine Operator (Master up to 24 metres Near Coastal)
Marketing Coordinator
Meat Processing (Leadership)
Meat Processing (Quality Assurance)
Meat Processing (Quality Management)
Meat Processing Level II Abattoirs
Meat Processing Level II Food Services
Meat Processing Level III Boning
Meat Processing Level III Food Services
Meat Processing Level III General
Meat Processing Level III Meat Safety
Meat Processing Level III Rendering
Meat Processing Level III Slaughtering
Meat Processing Level IV Meat Safety
Mechanical Rail Signalling
Media Level III
Medical Practice Assistant
Mental Health Peer Worker (Carer)
Mental Health Peer Worker (Consumer)
Mental Health Worker
Mine Emergency Response and Rescue
Mine Operator
Mortgage Broking Manager
Museum and Gallery Operations


Nursery Hand (Production)


Operating Theatre Assistant
Optical Dispenser
OSHC Educator
Out of School Hours Co-ordinator
Outdoor Power Equipment Serviceperson
Outdoor Recreation Assistant
Outdoor Recreation Guide (Controlled Environment)
Outdoor Recreation Manager


Pathology Assistant
Pathology Collector
Patient Services Assistant - Health Services
Pest Management Level III
Pharmacy Assistant
Plastics Operator
Pork Production Stockperson
Portable Fire Equipment Operator Level II
Practice Manager
Process Manufacturing Production Assistant
Process Manufacturing Production Support Operator
Production Horticulture Farmhand
Production Horticulture Tradesperson
Professional Athlete
Project Management Level IV
Project Management Level V
Property Services (Real Estate) Level III
Property Services (Real Estate) Level IV
Public Sector Level III
Public Sector Level IV
Public Sector Level IV Investigation
Public Sector Level IV Procurement and Contracting


Rail Worker
Recreational Vehicle Service and Repair Level III
Resource Planning Level II
Resource Processing Level III
Retail Assistant
Retail Baking Assistant
Retail Cosmetic Assistant
Retail Manager
Retail Supervisor
Rural Operations Level 3


Salon Assistant
Security Operations Level III
Senior Driller
Senior Water Industry Operator
Shearer Level 3
Skilled Construction Worker - Bituminous Surfacing
Skilled Construction Worker - Bridge Construction and Maintenance
Skilled Construction Worker - Foundation Works
Skilled Construction Worker - General
Skilled Construction Worker - Pipe Layer
Skilled Construction Worker - Road Construction and Maintenance
Skilled Construction Worker - Road Marking
Skilled Construction Worker - Timber Bridge Maintenance
Skilled Construction Worker - Traffic Management
Skilled Construction Worker (Trenchless Technology)
Small Business Management
Smallgoods Maker
Social Housing Worker
Spatial Information Services Level II
Spatial Information Services Level III
Spatial Information Services Level IV
Spatial Information Services Level V
Sport and Recreation Assistant
Sport and Recreation Co-ordinator
Sport and Recreation Officer
Sport, Aquatics and Recreation Co-ordinator
Sport, Aquatics and Recreation Officer
Sports Coach
Superannuation Fund Administrator
Supervisor - Extractive Industry
Supply Chain Operator
Supply Chain Operator Level II
Surface Extraction Operations Level II
Surface Extraction Operations Level III
Surveying Level V
Swimming Pool and Spa Technician Level III
Swimming Pool and Spa Technician Level IV


Telecommunications Technical Specialist
Telecommunications Technician
Telecommunications Technology Assistant
Telecommunications Trades Worker
Timber Fabrication Detailer
Timber Frame & Truss Designer
Timber Frame & Truss Manufacturer
Timber Merchandising Level 3
Timber Process Operations (General)
Tourism Operations Level II
Tourism Operations Level III
Tourism Operations Level IV
Trainee Employment Consultant
Tram/Light Rail Driver
Travel Agent


Underground Coal Mining Level II
Underground Coal Operations Level III
Underground Metalliferous Mining Level III


Veterinary Nurse
Vocational Language, Literacy and Numeracy
Vocational Trainer


Waste Management Operations Level III
Waste Management Operations Level IV
Water Industry Operator Level II
Water Industry Operator Level III
Well Servicing Operations Level III
Wholesale Sales Representative / Customer Service Officer
Window Furnishings Technician
Wool Handler Level 3
Work Health and Safety Level III
Work Health and Safety Level IV
Work Health and Safety Level V
Work Skills (Business)
Work Skills (Conservation and Land Management)
Work Skills (Construction)
Work Skills (Hospitality)
Work Skills (Retail Services)


Youth Worker

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